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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco full board of supervisors 340i8d call the roll. >> supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos.
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president chiu. supervisor cowen not present supervisor farrell. supervisor kim not present. commissioner mondejar not present. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener not present. supervisor yee not present. supervisor cowen. supervisor wiener mr. president, you have a quorum >> ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance pd united states of america. on >> colleagues, we are our board minutes can i have a motion supervisor farrell and
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supervisor campos madam clerk any communication. >> no one. read consent calendar. continuums the consent calendar those items routine a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items >> colleagues anyone want to sever any. >> on item one through 11. >> supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee absent. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. there are 9 i's. those ordinances are finally passes and next item >> item 12 is an ordinance to mitigate adverse of tenant
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convictions when they're withdrawn from the ellis act. >> supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. no. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee absent. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. no. there are 7 i's and two nos >> the ordinance is finally passed. >> this is to appropriate the sale of bonds for capital improvement projects for
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2014-2015 playing approximately $30 million on the pending action from the sequa finding and placing the remainder on controllers reserve. supervisor kim. absent supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee absent. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor yee. there are 10 i's. the ordinance is passed on first reading. item 14 >> item 14 is an ordinance to wave the fee required by the public works code for the street occupancy code on saturday
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may 10, '17 and twitter as part of someplace week sidewalk sales. colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. item 15 >> is a resolution finding the proposed block at the san francisco international. >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted. >> item 167 is the issuance of ago gait bonds. same house, same call? . this resolution is adapt >> this is authorized amount of seven hundred though from the department of homicide grant program. >> same house, same call? this resolution is adapted next item.
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>> item this is the the home detention rules and regulations and improving evidence for the sheriff's department. same house, same call? this revolution is adapted >> this is to have the condominium conversion fee and defefrl. same house, same call? this is passed think the first reading >> this is the wave the facade improvements during the month of may. >> the house is changed roll call vote. >> supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos.
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supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. there be 11 i's. the ordinance is pass think the first reading there are no special orders item 21 >> it was considered on monday april 21st as forwarded to the board it's a resolution to exempt - a resolution to exempt ground floor commercial uses a from the police code for or cascades on parcels in upper districts additional 1767 wallinger street. >> colleagues, can we do this same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this is adapted and with that why not go to really call.
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>> supervisor jane kim is to introduce new business. supervisor mar. >> thank you. colleagues, i wanted to say he earth day to all of you and the public as well. my work is supervisor avalos on the bay area management district has opposed my easy to the important climate change is before us. i know that the hardworking staff of the air district are champions of cleaning the air everyday but advocates from many of the environmental organizations from climate change to environmental justice groups bring a breath of fresh air i want to acknowledge the importance of the work done for
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the community on clean air. also on april turning out u 24 this week they'll host their clean air lunch at the st. francis hotel for the reducing of green house gases in the san francisco bay area area we have smoking control measures that limits smoking in bars and public parks and event. for the past one hundred and 5 years we've been dedicated to fight lung disease. it's the oldest divorce health organization in the san francisco bay area. brief california was founded after the precipitation of tuberculosis in 1908 to create critical health care services
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they've placed an important role for the policies as well as the board of supervisors. i'm proud to work with them and declaring april 21st as the brief california day. also on the theme of earth day i wanted to ask many of you many of you are going to be participating in bicycle and role to school week in the richmond district will be participating with a number of schools throughout san francisco 60 schools will participate to celebrate the joys and many benefits of biking to school. i biked to school when i was a high school student the majority of the districts are participating pea body
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elementary and roosevelt and washington high school. it will promote healthy activities the safe routes partnership will provide resources to participating schools to host an event one week each spinning it's cooperated by bicycle coalition some members are here. i'll be visiting as many of the schools in the richmond and the assembles give you prizes are i urge you to join with the parents and kids and continue their work as well so join us and the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar public utilities supervisor wiener. colleagues as i recall we
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recently held a hearing at the land use committee on the late night the lack of accurate transportation and the impacts on our 2. billion dollars on accident businesses that operate during those hours on patrons. i'm introducing a resolution calling on the transformation to formulate a competitive late night transportation plan bringing together employees and employers and advocates as well as transportation providers. and so i think this is is very, very important and productive process.
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as far as we know it's not happened in san francisco so far as our late night transportation can meet the needs so i look forward to going through the process and the the rest i'll submit >> supervisor yee. submit. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. many years later as they faced the firing squad on one afternoon a gentleman discovered ice and there was 24 adobe houses that ran along a bed of accomplished white stones. the world what so recent that many things lacked names and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point.
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that's a line from garcia novel a hundred years of solitude one of the most recent openings in the 20 century i died last year and one of my literary heros not that a have literary statute but garcia had stuart around the world and his novels were considered the best in 5 hundred years. one of the things garcia is needed for he didn't origin national but the reality he
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captured the spirit of latin america and captured how the enconsider and indigenous people in north america mixing with the other folks created a culture one that is through exaggeration. he was one of my persons that had the most pronounced influence on my life and that was heartbreaking to see him passing away i knew that was going to come but all around the world he had influence so i have a memoriam for marcus but for the people of the imaginary village he described but there's
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actually a place where the museum for him in columbia where mr. marcus grew up so on my on behalf of and the on behalf of the board of supervisors we can call our meeting in honor of someone who had a pronounced influence on literature around the world it's also national poetry month this coming theirs in city hall in the court will be the ninth avenue poems under the dome. our poet will be here to kickoff the event and brought to us but i legendary diamond day and keith is a teacher at mission high school. so hopefully colleagues you can
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pass in for a minute but open to the general public and free and also thank the gentleman for setting up city hall. i have one other item looking at the staffing levels at the public health department the general hospital. we have new changes with the health care reform and we want to make sure your staffing levels are keeping up with the demand that will be placed on our hospital. so hopefully, we'll see if the staffing levels are meeting our needs as a city and the rest i'll submit. thank you >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor breed >> i have one item i'm introducing a resolution to
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proclaim april 28th through may second as the public health department so it's spearheaded give us a chance to celebrate the department and sthe the work they do to approve the quality of life for san franciscans to lower than more about what the department does. the dpw will hold event and it's residents and volunteers including project tours and equipment demonstrations and open hours and neighborhood cleaning and greening event. sorry folks we'll not be waving the street cleaning tickets on wednesday the architect and engineers will host an open house and on theirs may first, the operation generated opens
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it's gate to welcome you in the craft shot and the tours of dpw signature including the war memorial veterans building and the fire station and a bike tour of featured skwlap. look at the website those events let our youth learn about career opportunities with the department of public works also the department of public works is the good to organization for interning for folks in the western and the bayview hunters point community and places which our young people have challenged to employment opportunity they allow kids to obtain those opportunity were they're not
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only cleaning up our streets but dealing with the graffiti that can lead to a long term job opportunity with the city or the department of public works. i commend dpw for the excellent way in which it takes care of of our city to keep it great and clean please join me by declaring this public works week from april to may >> supervisor breed. skip to supervisor farrell. all right. we'll skip to supervisor kim. >> thank you all for my lack that punctuality for my grand entrance into the chambers but i didn't anticipate our meeting moving so quickly it's my honor
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to introduce supervisor cowen legislation on san francisco job security ordinance hospitality as many of you know is our corner stone the economy the hotels house and feed over 16 million visitors everyday. this is what we're proud of here in san francisco our ability to serve the region with the tourism attraction that brings residents from around the country it employes 85 thousand workers and contributed to the revenue. this supports thousands of jobs they don't provide stable employment the hotels and food places are sometimes turning over fast leading the employees to not have jobs and security
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when the industry as a whole is tlooifrl. during the changing management with the real risk of losing their jobs simply because one management company is being rfrptd by another. this is effecting other things like our grocery workings. notwithstanding serving customers their subject to submittal without demonstrating their skills to the new management. san francisco has been following the lead of oakland and la la bye promoting stability and job security leads to income security and that leads to a healthier tax base that's why the board of supervisors is concerning an ordinance after
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today's interrogation to insure workers security. the ordinance we're interrogating requires the hotel and large food services to rehire the employees who served from the previous management. when a new owner takes over they have to offer the same employees up to 90 days that worked there jobs. during that time they can optional terminate the workers with just cause. as a result of this ordinance the hotel employees will have skirt to demonstrate to the new owners they can do the job. this will bring the stability to our most important employment
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basis. i want to recognize the folks thank you for bringing this ordinance to us i want to recognize them so they serve many of our restaurants like the comboint stadium. (clapping.) thank you for your service. you know, i met a member earlier before the board in his 27 season at the giant stadium and this is the base we want to support and sherrie know with ownership is changing rapid and thank you to supervisor cowen's office. i do have other items but i want to give the supervisor cowen a chance to speak >> supervisor kim has already briefly mentioned today, i'm
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proud to join her no connership. the hospitality industries are some of the largest and fast even though and ethnicly diverse industries are growing they recommend over $10 billion in economic activity and nearly thirty thousand jobs. those jobs provide opportunity for decent wages and are acceptable to those who don't have college degrees we've seen several new ownership changes but they don't security the security this is the way we say we're standing up with you. this carries forward the same policies that supervisor kim recognitions the stability is in
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employment is vital to san francisco local economy. it specifically requires that upon any change of ownership at a large hotel or stadium concession that the new operator continue to provide jobs for current employees for 90 days to show their quality for the position they currently have and provide them with the needed stability. one of the most significant parts of this legislation is addressed the affordability in san francisco and requires us to do more than just look at housing policies but we look to focus on maintaining and growing a difference job opportunities for a diverse community. providing security helps to
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preferential very key workforce and insures that resident and tourists can continue to benefit from experiencesed workforce. again, i want to thank supervisor kim and the hotel and the chamber of commerce and the mighty local 2 for participation and helping us to further the conversation her in san francisco. i want to lift up our elective aids that have helped to get this piece of legislation andrea. (clapping.) >> supervisor kim did you want to continue. >> i want to recognize supervisor mar and another supervisor. i'm introducing the sale of the
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sales force parcels today, this was a bit over shadowed by the warriors they'll be purchasing the rest of the paralyze to build their san francisco arena this news along with the other parcels to uc sf will be along third street it's currently a parking lot. once developed this warren buffett location for the public safety building will be an important entrance to our neighborhood. the mission bay plan was for the mixed income area and it now with new development going at a
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fast clip the sale will complete mission bay and accelerate the mission bay neighborhood. the revolutions i'm interrogating will allow the transfer of property and clarify even if the tax exempt the affordable housing and extra payment to ocii to complete the infrastructure plan ambassador both the warriors plan and the payment will help to have the affordable housing parcels left in mission bay south approximately 4 hundred plus unit. tyler on 11 street and mission bay west and the chinatown center and block 3 east and both projects are to remain going forward to have the integration
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with the waterfront and i want to commiserate the folks from the ferry 16 last week the seal ferry sank and there was a disaster call from a boy who use a cell phone the south coroner came forward confirmed there's out of the 4 hundred plus people there's one hundred of people dead among the victims were two chinese men and women and a russian student only one hundred and 44 passengers were rescues